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Rethink recruitment

Future-proof your hiring strategy and unleash the value of a sustainable and diverse organisation


Diversity is good for business and people

Diverse teams perform better and make the company perform better financially. Diverse teams understand diverse customers and can capture new international market opportunities.

Diversity & inclusion in practice for a sustainable future

By rethinking recruitment and utilising hiring as part of the overall company strategy, companies can prepare for the future in an entirely new way. Diversity recruitment is a concrete tool for companies to work for their diversity and inclusion agenda in practice.

International professionals reach their full potential

Many international professionals in Finland are unemployed or underemployed – this needs to change. Leaving such a large pool of talents unused is a wasted opportunity for organisations, the individual professional and the Finnish society at large.

Pointer Potential

What we do

Pointer Potential aims to be the bridge that leads Finland-based international professionals to work for companies looking for great talent. 

Many talented international professionals already based in Finland are without work or working with a task far below their capacity and potential, at the same time as many companies lack employees with the right competence. We want to change this. We help international professionals and organisations achieve their full potential.

Would you like to discuss how your organisation can realise its full potential through workplace diversity? Let us help you reach your goals.

Pointer Potential and EY collaborate to provide job search training

Pointer Potential and EY Finland collaborate to provide job search training for international professionals