Customer story: Helkama


The recruiting team at Helkama Bica was looking for product engineering competence and decided to collaborate with Pointer Potential to find that competence. 


The team at Helkama Bica, Maija Rasinkangas, Martin Asplund and in front from the left Sven Heilbron and Sandy Minkah Kyei.

Maija Rasinkangas, HR Manager at Helkama Bica, why did you decide to collaborate with Pointer Potential?

In Finland, we have many highly educated professionals who have challenges getting their foot into Finnish companies and work utilizing their full capacity. At Helkama Bica, we need more international people and diversity as we primarily work with global companies. We also have difficulty finding the right competencies and people for our specific open positions. Pointer Potential does pioneering work in helping talented professionals to find better jobs and matching this talent with good companies. They help employers find excellent talent, especially when Finnish talent is unavailable. This international talent also brings an international aspect to a very Finnish working environment and much-needed diversity. I also want us to give a better working opportunity to international professionals living in Finland who may have been unable to find a job matching their education and capabilities.

What did you think about the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was professional and efficient. Everyone in the process always knew what would happen next. We mainly recruit with in-house resources and use our own recruitment channels, so working with Pointer Potential and the particular recruitment channels they use was exciting.

And are you happy with the outcome?

We are delighted with the outcome. We have done two different recruitments through Pointer Potential this year. In both cases, the quality of the talent on the final shortlist was excellent, which was a positive surprise. When we decided to pilot Pointer Potential services, we were not sure whether their pioneering concept would work, however, our experience of both the recruitment process as well as the quality of the candidates has been very positive.

“Earlier this year, we recruited a lovely talented candidate for our Customer Care team. And this spring, we recruited two engineers to our R&D team. We were actually only looking for one but ended up hiring two as the quality of the candidates was so good.”

Would you recommend Pointer Potential to other companies? If so, why and to whom?

I would definitely recommend them! Pointer Potential helps you when you are seemingly unable to find professionals through your normal channels. I think Pointer Potential can help any company, particularly smaller companies looking for specialized experts and companies that want to increase diversity and be one step ahead.

Meet Sandy Minkah Kyei, now working as a Product Development Engineer at Helkama Bica

Sandy, tell us a bit about yourself. What did you use to do before joining Helkama?

I am originally from Ghana and I came to Finland to further my studies 11 years ago. In Ghana, I worked with MTN-Ghana, a telecommunication company, as a radio and transmission technician for three years. I hold a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and a Bachelor’s degree in Plastics Technology from Arcada. Before landing this current job position as a Product Development Engineer at Helkama Bica, I had worked in different fields. During my studies, I used to deliver newspapers at night before attending lectures in the mornings. I was also doing cleaning and dishwashing at restaurants and offices. During my LUT days, I used to clean at a local S-Market and some of my schoolmates would come around to buy groceries. But deep down, I knew my story would change one day. So after my graduation, I took my Finnish language studies seriously and quit the cleaning job.

How did you experience the recruitment process with Pointer Potential and Helkama? 

I saw the job advertised on the Pointer Potential LinkedIn page and applied via their application portal. I have been following Pointer Potential on LinkedIn. Thus, anytime there is a job posting, I get notified.

The recruitment was rigorous as the interviews were in stages. After applying, I got a call from Pointer Potential and had my first interview, and within a few days, I had an interview with Helkama. All this happened within two weeks, including a final interview with Helkama, so the process was quick.

I was getting feedback relayed to me during the entire recruitment process, and I was impressed with the communication and professionalism with which the process was handled.

Tell us a bit about your job at Helkama?

I am part of the Product Management team at Helkama as a Product Development Engineer, responsible for product design according to specifications. I create and maintain design and other technical specifications, maintain product information and support manufacturing and quality issues relating to technical aspects of product development.

Management at Helkama Bica is very welcoming and always ready to help you to excel. It’s a very friendly working environment. The managers told me, “anything you wish to learn in this field, from production to designing, just tell us, and we will assign the appropriate personnel to assist you”. I felt this indicated that they really wanted to get me involved in the team. But what has impressed me most in the office is how warmly my line manager and colleagues greeted me my first week – I have never had such a warm welcome in Finland. The induction and training programme was also fascinating.

I finally want to say that after all the cleaning and production line work that I have done, it almost feels unreal to come to the office in the mornings and sit at my desk!

You have also relocated from Helsinki to Turku for this new job. How was your relocation? 

My relocation went well, as I started applying for an apartment when I got the job offer. I applied to almost all the housing companies I found in the region. Luckily, I got a flat about 5km away from my workplace. Turku is a lovely city, and the municipality is undergoing a massive reconstruction.

What is your message to international professionals looking for a job in Finland? 

Well, I will advise you to keep pushing, have patience and send as many applications as possible. Don’t let rejections deter you from applying for job positions you qualify for. One day, you will get an opportunity and forget about all the rejections. Today, I don’t remember the number of job rejections, I am so happy about my current job position, but it came with perseverance, consistency and endurance.

Moreover, follow Pointer Potential on any of their social media channels. Personally, I look for job advertisements on LinkedIn and build connections there. And I am always trying to upgrade my skills and knowledge.

About Helkama Bica

Helkama Bica is a Finnish family enterprise specializing in marine, industrial and telecom applications. Together with our partner network, we are able to supply globally the full scope of all cabling-related needs.



More than 400 000 people with an international background live in Finland. In Helsinki alone, every sixth person has a background other than Finnish. Pointer Potential helps companies make use of the enormous potential and competence of international professionals already available in Finland. We support organizations to unleash the power of diversity and prepare hiring strategies for the future. 


If you are an international professional living in Finland, you can register your CV with Pointer Potential here.

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