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Free online training for an effective job search in Finland

Free online job search training by EY Finland and Pointer Potential

Pointer Potential and EY are joining forces to offer international professionals based in Finland online job search training sessions. You are warmly welcome to join us in these free of charge online training sessions and supercharge your job search!

Session 1: Top Tips for a great CV 
Monday 22 February at 14-15.00 Event has passed

Session 2: LinkedIn for job hunting
Monday 15 March at 14-15.00 Event has passed

Session 3: Job interviews Finnish style
Friday 9 April at 14-15.00 Event has passed

Session 4: Work culture in Finland
Tuesday 4 May at 14-15.00

Who should join?

All international professionals based in Finland looking for a job are welcome to join these online sessions to gain effective job search skills. You can join one or two sessions or all of them if you so wish.

The training will be run by team members from the EY Talent team as well as team members from EY Finland’s other business units.

About the Pointer Potential and EY collaboration

Pointer Potential and EY Finland are collaborating to offer this training through EY’s global corporate responsibility program EY Ripples. Read the news here.

EY and Pointer Potential

If you are an international professional living in Finland, you can register your CV with Pointer Potential here.

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How to take part

You can sign up below, the registration closes 3 days before each session.

The first 250 who register will be able to join.

Details about the training sessions

Session 1: Top tips for a great CV – 22 February at 14.00

Event has passed

In our first career coaching session, we will focus on one of the most important documents in your job search, the CV. If you have ever wondered about the following questions, this workshop is for you:

  • How long should my CV be?
  • Should my CV include everything I have ever done?
  • Should I focus on my competencies or my experience?
  • Do I even need a CV – we have LinkedIn after all?
  • Should my CV be in Finnish or in English?

These and other questions on the content and format of your CV will be addressed in this informative session.

Session 2: LinkedIn for job hunting – 15 March at 14.00

Event has passed

In our second session, we will talk about LinkedIn as a job search tool. Our Recruitment professionals will give you top tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile in order to come up in search results and how to bring your best features forward. The topics covered will include:

  • How can LinkedIn help me in my job search?
  • How should my LinkedIn profile differ from my CV?
  • Does it matter what kind of a photo I have on LinkedIn – do I need one at all?
  • LinkedIn Connections- how many should I have and how should I manage them?
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Posting articles and updates on LinkedIn – does this help my job search?

Session 3: Job interviews Finnish style 9 April at 14.00 

Event has passed

Your CV and LinkedIn were in good shape and now you have been invited for that all-important job interview. Our third session will focus on making the most out of the job interview situation in Finland. Here are some of the questions we will cover in this session:

  • How do I prepare for an interview?
  • I get nervous in job interviews – what should I do?
  • Building rapport with your interviewers
  • My English/Finnish isn’t fluent – what should I do
  • Interviewing virtually

Session 4: Work culture in Finland – 4 May at 14.00

You got the job and now it is time to get ready to start work. What to expect of the work culture in a Finnish workplace? This session will help you to navigate with success in a Finnish workplace. We will cover aspects of Finnish culture that you are likely to experience at work such as:

  • Small talk – what’s that?
  • What is promised, gets done.
  • Autonomy rules!
  • Finnish humour

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