Customer story: Raute


Engineering manager Ari-Pekka Tiusanen at Raute was looking for mechanical engineering competence to his team, Ari-Pekka decided to collaborate with Pointer Potential to find that competence. This is what happened.


The new team at Raute.

Ari-Pekka, why did you decide to collaborate with Pointer Potential, and are you happy about the outcome?

Yes, I’m really happy. Pointer Potential was very helpful and saved us a considerable amount of time in the recruitment process. It was very quick to go through all the great candidates I was presented with. A recruitment process from start to finish can be fairly time-consuming and you never know about the outcome in advance, whether its time well spent or not.

Would you recommend Pointer Potential, if so why and to whom?

Yes, I would highly recommend Pointer Potential to anyone recruiting. Pointer Potential offered a very easy way to understand what kind of potential there is on the open job market and they seemed to have a great pool of candidates, as we were only presented with candidates with profiles that we most needed.

“What happened in our case was that initially, we were looking for one candidate but we ended up offering a contract to nearly everyone on the shortlist – to four candidates.”

A bonus is that if we see potential in the candidates for the future – we can hire them easily after the contract period.

So, if you and your company are considering recruiting from a more diverse talent pool, don’t worry too much if great potential candidates don’t speak Finnish – we are going towards a more global approach in all we do and these talented people are very motivated to learn with you. You may need to challenge your assumptions a bit and have an open mind, but if you do that you are more likely to succeed in your hiring strategy.

Meet Perez Okah, one of the new design engineers at Raute

Perez is one of the four Pointer Potential candidates that ended up joining Raute.

Perez, tell us a bit about yourself. What did you use to do before joining Raute?

I am originally from Cameroon, where I did my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I also have a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, with a specialization in Sustainable Production from Lappeenranta University of Technology, which is how I ended up in Finland in the first place. I am also a Certified SolidWorks Professional. Before Raute I had a cleaning job with L&T which I quit so I could study the language to find a job more suitable to my education.

How did you experience the recruitment process with Pointer Potential?

The recruitment process was amazing. Applying for the job through the website was very easy as the information needed from me was clear, it only took me about 10 to 15 minutes. The ease of communication, the friendliness of the recruiter, and the fast response rate were great, I got a reply about my application within days and was notified about every step of the recruitment process so I knew exactly what is going on in the process and what to expect.

Tell us a bit about your job at Raute?

My job title is Junior Design Engineer. I am currently part of the Product Data Management Maintenance Team along with some senior and chief designers. My task is to update the models of Raute’s machinery. The purpose is to refine Raute’s system, at the moment I am familiarizing myself with it and with the processes and technologies of the company. Later on, we start doing design modifications to some of the machinery and working on design projects for Raute’s clients.

How has the work been?

It has been great. It is a good working environment, good colleagues, an amazing boss who is very friendly and humble. Even though we are still new to the company, we feel very comfortable because any problem we face, everyone is willing to help us and take their time to explain so we understand.

What does the job mean to you?

To me, this job means a lot.

“It took a lot of rejections for a long time before I could finally get this job. This made me feel very sad because I knew I wasn’t living up to my potential, having a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and working as a cleaner. Getting this job made me feel valued, recognized, and appreciated for my skills and what I can bring to the table. “

It is a great feeling doing something you love in a field you have invested a huge amount of your life in, gathering the knowledge and skills. I also value it because I know I am very lucky to have it, there are so many people who are still searching and hoping to get a job appropriate to their skills.

Is there anything that has surprised you about the Finnish work culture?

First, the employee and boss relationship. It is so friendly and casual. There is freedom and responsibility.

Secondly, the welcoming and smiling nature of the colleagues in the office, they are always ready to help. There is a healthy professional relationship amongst colleagues in the workplace.

Thirdly, the work time flexibility; entering hours between 7 am to 9 am and closing hours between 3 pm and 5 pm.

What is your message to international professionals looking for a job in Finland? Any tips?

Believe in yourself and know your worth. It may take some time, and a lot of rejections, but if you don’t give up, you will definitely find it. Build your connections, take on certifications that prove your skills. It is simple but not easy.


More than 400 000 people with an international background live in Finland. In Helsinki alone, every sixth person has a background other than Finnish. Pointer Potential helps companies make use of the enormous potential and competence of international professionals already available in Finland. We support organizations to unleash the power of diversity and prepare hiring strategies for the future. 

If you are an international professional living in Finland, you can register your CV with Pointer Potential here.

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