Pointer Potential CEO Johanna Korpia finalist in the Recruitment Innovator-category in Rekrygaala


The CEO of Pointer Potential Johanna Korpia has been nominated as a finalist in the Recruitment Innovator of the year 2021 – a category in the annual Recruitment gala, Rekrygaala. The nomination itself is a win for Pointer Potential which is a very young company just at the beginning of its journey.

We are bursting with pride and very honored to be one of the three finalists in this year´s Rekrygaala Vuoden Rekrytointialan Kehittäjä – category”, says Johanna Korpia. “This is just after 1,5 years in business. Our thank you goes to all the amazing foreign professionals we work with and our fantastic customers! And of course to the awesome team at Pointer Potential, and our colleagues at Novare Potential!”

The winners will be chosen by a jury, which consists of respected recruiting-oriented business experts.

More details on the three finalists nominated in the Recruitment Innovator 2021 – category can be found here:


Read more about the Rekrygaala here:




If you are an international professional living in Finland, you can register your CV with Pointer Potential here.

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