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International professionals in Finland can register  their CV’s with us. We will get in touch with you when we have an open position that matches your profile.

If you are an international professional based in Finland, you can register your CV with us through the link below. We will be in touch when we have a role that matches your profile.

How we work

Below you can see how our process works, once you register your CV you will get a confirmation that it has been received. We will then be in touch with you when we have an open position that matches your profile. Not all open positions make it to our website so we recommend registering your CV. 


Register your CV

If you are a Finland-based international professional, please register your CV in the link above.



You will get a confirmation message that your CV has been received.



When we have a position that matches your background, we will contact you.



If your information changes and you want to update your CV, you can re-register your CV, your latest registration is the one that is valid.

Expat spouse coaching


Personal coaching


Our personal coaching sessions are designed for international graduates and more experienced professionals who live in Finland. We support you in preparing for your next step in your career and in increasing your chances of success by reaching out to the right people at the most relevant companies in the most suitable industry.

Our personal coaching consists of three sessions. Each session is tailored for you and based on your specific needs.
Among others, you can choose our support in:

  • optimising your CV, cover letter & social media and clarifying your career goals
  • developing a professional development plan and exploring potential job positions that match your interest, skills and experiences
  • practicing interview, communication and presentation skills both for virtual and face-to-face meetings
Our services to companies

Expatriate spouse coaching

Are you an accompanying spouse relocating to Finland to support your partner’s career? We are relocation coaches who understand first-hand what it is like to move. We are committed to helping accompanying spouses like you transitioning successfully during relocation to thrive when moving (back) to Finland. We can individualise a coaching program for you based on your specific situation. You will benefit from our expertise, skill, and experience as we apply what we have learned directly to your unique challenges, strengths, and vision for your life. We will help you stay on or get back on track to ensure the best possible outcome for your experience as an accompanying spouse. Both public and private organisations as individuals can request for our expatriate spouse coaching services, which can be provided in small groups or individually.